Tour Proposal

We combine more than one trip into a package within the following categories:


The Waterfront Tour

Depending on time we offer different waterfront tours, like a Tour around Port Philip Bay, Wilsons Prom, Philip Island including Inverloch and certainly the Great Ocean Road. Sounds easy but be surprised because every tour will include some specials.



The Countryside Tour

This tour starts normally in the North East of Melbourne and can include the St Andrew Market and from there further on into the King Lake National Park, for the adventurer we can include also some 4WD tracks, depending on the group and the weather. In case the view is clear we include the fire tower look out in Kangaroo Ground and from there via Sugarloaf Reservoir Park to the Yarra Valley.  


All tours include a lot of wildlife and sometimes we feed the birds. The Heathsville Sanctuary can be included but to enjoy it we would need to spend a few hours inside the Sanctuary.


Depending on individuals and age we can include also Wine tasting in the local Wineries.


It is hard to write down what we can offer. However in our proposal we will include more details.


Like every tour we are offering, we will include special events which will vary. No tour will be the same.



The Wildlife Tour

All Tours will include some wildlife, but in case you expect Kangaroos you need to book the Country Tour, if you expect marine life the Waterfront Tour will give you a good impression.


Depending on the season occasionally you get to see Whales or Dolphins.


Special marine life boating tours can be organized and you could have the chance to see the spectacular Port Philip Bay. The boating tour can be offered in summer only and is depending on the weather.



The Market Tour

The Market Tour can include Markets like the big Queen Victorian Market or the farmer Market in St Andrew. The Market Tour can be easily combined with some of the other Tours offered.



The 4WD Tour

The 4WD Tour can include the area of King Lake up to Lake Eildon. 4WD tours around Dargo into the Alpine National Park are seasonable, however this Tour takes a few days in order to enjoy.